Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page is here to help all of our visitors to inform about our policies related to the collection of Personal and Non Personal Information, use of Personal and Non Personal Information and disclosure of Personal and Non Personal Information.

We would like to assure you that we are using all sorts of information received from our daily visitors only and only for the improvement of this site. This will lead to better experience for them. As soon as, you are starting use of our website, you will be counted as agreed to the collection as well as use of given information. We would also like to assure you that we are operating our policies as per standard guidelines. Hence, we are ensuring that none can misuse given any information to us.

Collection & Use of Information

During the use of our website, you might get instances where we are asking you some sort of Personal Information. This may include information about your name, email, address, postal address and contact number. We are here ensuring all visitors that all such information including non personal information is safe with us. We will use these sorts of information only to contact as well as identify visitors.

All visitors of our website should not be worried about the security of their shared information. We are using the best quality tools to secure your information over our website.

Use of Cookies and Log Data

Yes, like many other websites we are also using these to asses several factors about your browser, machine and browsing habits. Data of such nature helps us in identifying the interest of our visitor and it simplifies our task to present trending topics over our website. About cookies, you are free to stop us as your browser pop up regarding the use of cookies. However, one will not get access to some portions after denying the use of these cookies. Therefore, you need to take decision wisely.

Links To Other Sites

While visiting our website, one might notice links to other sites. After following these links, one will reach to some other website. As the management of those websites are under control of another team, we can’t ensure you regarding your experience over those website. All visitors are advised to visit their privacy policy page too while visiting those websites. In any condition, we will not be counted as responsible for any sort of loss, damage and bad experience over those websites.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

Website management is a task which needs frequent updates. The team behind this website is free to manage this website for better experience of its users. Hence, there can be a requirement of update in Privacy Policy. As and when, there is a requirement of update in this Privacy Policy, we will notify our visitors as an alert on first page and also via email to registered users.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us about any sort of question regarding our privacy policy.