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Whatsapp Status – People love to express their thoughts, sometimes situations to their friends or special one with the help of Whatsapp Status. Certainly, this can be a silent way to express and mostly, it works well. Hence, they go for searching something good that suits to their condition in the best way.  And, more often, search is all about one unique message for status on whatsapp.  There are many websites those are full of such statuses. Few of them are good and rest others are just copy pasting the message list. During your search, this might also have irritated you. We have been noticing that not many websites are providing unique status message for whatsapp.

Hence, we are sharing some unique status messages in Four categories. Check them out! Most probably, you will get the one suitable to suffice your need –

Key To Be A Winner Whasapp Status


The secret of success in life for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes… spend your time preparing for success!!


When you believe in yourself and your potential, people pickup that signal and start treating your accordingly. So, move ahead confidently!


Nothing happens until someone sees a dream about it and work for it like set goals to achieve.


Patience makes you reach to the stars. Have patience with all things, but especially with yourself.

Best Whasapp Status Download

Success is nothing else but direct result of your efforts and hard work with patience.


A business curves progresses when its owner shows courtesy to the customers. Yes, politeness adds value in your proposal.


Those who love to be successful should understand that the first cornerstone of success is Honesty.


Vision is nothing else but the art of seeing what is invisible to others and it helps you hold on when times are really tough.

Latest Whasapp Status

Action turns your vision into reality but passion is something which keeps you inspired to act even in tough times.


There is possibly nothing more difficult than being a great leader and it requires guts to think over selfishness.


Whatsapp Status About Love & Relationships


Combination of True Love & Patience can turn impossible into possible. Yes, Love teaches a lot to live life with patience.


Imagine, two are stretching a rubber band from ends and one suddenly releases it. It can actually heart the other; Love is just like that!


Falling in love with you was not in my hand, I just did it without thinking about why or how.

Positive Whasapp Status

Can a whatsapp status make positive change in our relation; if so then this is the one from my side; understand & trust me!!


It’s much better to live single than being single in the company of someone who don’t understand your love & feelings.


I wish a sort of Traffic light arrangement in Love so that I can understand when to stop, go slow and go ahead.

Boys & Girls Whasapp Status

A Boy lies because Girl falls in love by what she hears often and A Girl goes for lots of make-up because Boy falls in love what he sees.


One forgives again and again in a relationship because of that fear of losing someone who actually does not deserve second chance..


A good relation is all about two people; She who loves to have that needed trust level and He who loves to be loyal for only that one.


Misunderstanding between two can never be because of third person. But, it often gives chance to third person to acquire space in between.

Whatsapp Status About Friendship

If someone always bears your pointless acts again and again, he is none other than your good friend!


A good friend is someone who is really tough to find, impossible to forget and difficult to leave in this life.


Friendship with a calculation is nothing else but an agreement for a term; if you are indulged in one such friendship, come out now!


Only a friend talks good beside your back and friend keeps doing it again and again without showing any sort of favor!


Fake friends will search for a cool person, but true friends are easily available with every fool person.


They need something from you; it means you are in the company of fake friends. True ones are working for you without reasons.


Best friend is the one who brings out best out of you and never asks for credit of this task.


Always welcome everyone in your life; it is good. But, never allow good friend to leave for any reason.

Whasapp Status for Whatsaap

For me, the real beggar is the one who earns a lot and has none as the best friend. Keeping a good friend circle is the real wealth.


Definition of a real friend is easy; he is the one who comes in when all others walk out


Tears Whatsapp Status


The most painful time is when you are smiling to stop falling tears from eyes. Not everyone performs it well like me!


When words can’t explain condition of your heart; tears do the needful and those who really love you understands your tears.


What can one do when the one who can understand language of your tears, is causing their fall again and again.


Everyone knows about my happy mood, but only a special one knows the pain and cause of tears in my eyes.


Hiding the pain is not easy; one should allow tears to heal and also to evade self destructive thoughts wounding mind & heart!


Crying alone is far better than ending up as a crazy one in crowd. Give your tears a chance to wipe out the pain and heal you…


Being strong is about controlling your tears especially when that one is not bothered about them.

Crying and Thinking can’t be done together because every next thought will crab your tears


You are truly in love when you realizes the sudden turn of your anger into tears


Silence can be the best act when someone does not value your tear and you should not waste them

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